Friday, August 8, 2008

Neo Freerunner continued...

More experiments with the Neo.

Finally got to know how to increase the volume in the media player (the currently available theme).
The volume control is not-at-all intuitive. (For the benefit of people who don't know: Use you finger on/near the 'speaker' icon to move up(as in repeatedly) to increase and down to decrease). This could have been better if it was horizontal (because the icon looks that way - at least i could have found that out 'accidentally').

GPS is installed - but is still not working (see: I need to experiment more on it.

The other problem is that the 'ring tone' vanishes when it goes into standy - so the phone just vibrates when there is a new call. To make it clearer: The first time the phone goes into standy - it turns off the ring tone and the screen click sound.

Installed the gallery (photo viewer) - the screen is just too good for a phone. I like it! *grin*

Next: Check if there is a good text editor or viewer. Since file-manager is good enough - why use a editor like 'vi' to view the text/code files? Some gui based text editor would be good to have!

College is going on smooth - with assignments and different kind of people to work with :)
Teachers are just marvelous. But I sure have lot of reading to do...lets see how it goes...

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