Sunday, May 10, 2009

Financial Statements Analysis of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

A long weekend (May 1 to 4) spent on the analysis and report making of the financial statements of Sun - Here's the report.

What I found was, Sun is quiet a good company - except that we cannot say what would happen in the recession! Sun's major weaknesses "not enough R&D" (not that they are not spending enough, but there are no major outcomes) and "many (already established) competitors" (especially in the newer segments in which they have entered).
They do have an "open source" edge and of course the myriad products/services they can offer.

We have to see what would happen in the new Oracle-Sun merger, how many of these open source products would Oracle want to maintain? Does oracle even care about them (even though oracle has its own open source projects)? Lets wait and watch...

[Forgive me for too many brackets :) ]


Amit Kumar said...

So finally FSAS helped u...c our profs have such a sharp vision :)

Muthu Subramanian said...

Actually that IS my FSAS assignment :)