Monday, October 10, 2011

GUI Based Builder for LibreOffice

I have always found building LibreOffice to be tricky - especially on cygwin/Windows. I always felt having a GUI based tool for detecting build environment, downloading dependencies, cloning source and building it would reduce the pain in looking for the howto documentations. This will also reduce the barrier for a lot of people to contribute - specifically for the Windows platforms.

This being on my todo list for a long time, I, as a consultant with SUSE, got an opportunity during SUSE's hackweek to work on this. I wanted to make it cross platform and also learn something new in that process. All put together, I picked: Python (I already know python scripting) and pygtk (for the UI) + glade.
Here's the first version:

Note that, it requires loads of work before it becomes usable. Right now, default config parameters, cloning and building works. Major part of dependency checking & installing needs to be written, which would depend upon one single word - contributions - in whatever form - code, review, comments....Even just editing the UI XML with Glade and making it better is appreciated.

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