Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BSD, Linux, OpenSolaris Filesystem Encryption - FSE

Similar to my DVD Catalog project ( :) ), I have been searching for a good (transparent) filesystem encryption for my open source operating system(s).

ZFS is a very good option but the encryption module is currently in beta. (And ofcourse, with the usual license problems)

So, I am planning to write a transparent filesystem encryption module for using with any exisiting filesystems and OSes (Unix-based).

== The Design ==

User view:
The user mounts a harddrive (say, /dev/sda1) as an encrypted drive (say, /dev/esda1). And will use any of the exisiting filesystems to format and mount this /dev/esda1 onto a mount-point.

Developer's view:

The module reads/writes from the actual harddrive (or another loopback FS) by encrypting/decrypting the data. For data I/O the module exports a device, say, /dev/esda1. Which is emulated as a harddisk for the existing filesystem modules.

This would be very similar to a loop-back filesystem with encrpytion.

== But, Before I start ==
Unlike DVD Catalog project, I would like to get options and opinions before starting this project.

1) Are there any exisiting projects like this or very similar to this?
2) Are there any other alternatives/file systems?
3) Are there any other better designs?

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