Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DVD Catalog - A CD/DVD Management Software

I was looking for an open source CD/DVD Management software for a long time. Didn't really find one - either I was looking at wrong places or searching for wrong key worlds (I guess this should be evident from the way I have named my creation :P).

I also wanted to see how good/bad QT SDK/framework is - heard its like write once and compile/run everywhere types.

So, I combined these two wishes and this summer I finally decided that I would start this project (that would be some 2 or 3 weeks back) and put in a few days of effort on it. Since my initial experiences with SQLite3 were really good, I chose to use it for this project as well. Last weekend I got it working with basic features up and running (like index a directory and search the database).

Try it out @ Just extract and run the dvd-catalog.exe file
I only have win32 (Windows 32bit/64bit environments) binaries. I will be adding the Linux binaries in a few days, but I sure need help for adding the OS X binaries - I don't have an Apple MAC to build it on.
You can also download the source code there - I have released them as GPLv3. Don't complain on the code quality - its learning qt types :)
There are, of course, NO 'security-layer' or 'sql sanity checks' done. Hopefully I will do a few data sanity checks, but security layer, I guess is not required - since this is supposed to be a "personal" CD/DVD Management software.

Do comment on the improvements, code, ideas, ...I will sure consider them for implementation/correction/...

I guess, I need a few more features like:
0. Few improvements - like commit() only after all the entries are added to the database. I guess even though I am actually doing this, I see commit happening after ever add of the file. This would be a high priority.
1. Adding a single line entry (will be useful to add DVD Movies) into the database
2. Changing ratings
3. Indexing only directories (i.e directory names and not files)
4. Viewing reviews from internet (say imdb or wikipedia or software/games reviews) for a particular file/file type.

Also, let me know if you want to contribute to this project - I can add you to the list.

Few Screenshots:

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deshitha said...

how can i add details to the database